St. Thérèse of Carmel Catholic Church

San Diego, California



Hyndman & Hyndman – Church


domusstudio Architecture (Dominy & Associates) – Chapel/Administrative Buildings


Year: 2008-10





Project Scope:

5 Sanctuary,

4 Blessed Sacrament,

4 Naïve,

Adoration Day Chapel,

Administration Door

and Pastor’s Office Door





At some point, the artist must be left free to exercise the sort of artistry and individuality that attracted the church to him in the first place. 

St Therese of Carmel Catholic Church
Baptism of Jesus Sanctuary window
baptismal font window
Adoration Day Chapel religious window
catholic religous window
contemporary baptism of jesus church window
Adoration Day Chapel religoius window
crucifixion of jesus church window