Catholic Church new sanctuary


Jesus the Worker Catholic Church

Fort Myers, Florida


Diocese of Venice


Year: 2012-13

Eucharist design


New Testament:

“Sermon on the Mount” 

Old Testament New Testament church windows

Old Testament:

“Moses and the Ten Commandments” 

Project Scope: 24 Sanctuary, 3 Rose and Transom windows


The themes correlate the Old Testament and New Testament stories with one another based on either the readings of the day during the liturgical cycle (readings that are combined together because of a shared theme during the year), or share a similar enough theological theme or meaning

Nativity religous window
nativity church window
Old Testament New Testament church windows
Noah's Ark traditional window

Details of the stained glass panels:


NT: "Nativity" with "Three Wiseman and Shepherd boy"


OT: "The Prophets" and "Noah's Ark"